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moon over water

Who made me to live this way?

My heart

Outside my chest

Tears fall as the violinist finishes her solo.

Envious not of the soul

That does not stir

Coarse sand sifts through my toes

I embrace the warmth.

How do I find focus?

In the blur

One only needs to slow to see His details.

My hand rests on his tiny chest.

It rises and falls.

What treasure I've received

Because of faith

One only needs to reach for His garment.

Wisdom flows

I trace the fine lines of a weathered hand.

Why am I wearing the jewels of knowledge?

One only needs to ask Him in order to receive.

Laughter, contagious

Around my dinner table

Why am I blessed to thirst no more?

One should learn to drink of His cup.


Bounces off the water

Bringing light to my dark.

Who am I to walk guided by the lamp?

If only one would stop chasing shadows.

Who am I?

To fathom the unfathomable.

To believe in the inconceivable.

To hear the inaudible.

To witness the unseen.

To feel what cannot be touched.

To recognize the incomprehensible.

These are the things I do not understand.

Yet, I cannot comprehend

Not knowing.

Nor being.

Nor loving.

His existence

Undeniably evident

Unreasonably obvious

Overwhelmingly present.

He Is the One

Stirring my soul.

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1 Comment

Jan 24, 2022

Thank you for this beautiful message! It spoke to my heart.❤

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