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30 second Elevator Speech – GO!

Welcome to Leighton Lane, a labor of love – a tiny slice of heaven about living the transparent life of an imperfect, beautifully redeemed soul. This is the place where faith and spirituality (along with modern science) join together to help you win your mental illness battle.

My hope is to share absolute authenticity with you – as real and raw as it gets. There are going to be stories of the good, the bad, and the just plain messy. Bit by bit, I will tell you pieces of my unfinished story. The storms -- the drowning, the in between, the breathing again, and finally the surrender of my life checklist for His plan.

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What's in a name?

Leighton happens to be a family name and it means from the meadow or herb garden. Originally this was going to be a home and garden blog, but plans change. Now, I post DIY’s & Recipes for fun when I have time. These posts usually come with a story too, so it’s a bait and switch strategy. Reel them in with the “World’s Best Guacamole” recipe and find Jesus at the same time. (Haha, pretty funny and genius at the same time.)


When I first wrote Leighton Lane in my journal, I immediately penned the words “The Road to Sold.”  I thought to myself, “how fitting – it’s a perfect complement to Leighton Lane and it really goes well with my home theme.”

But then I realized there is a much deeper meaning to it, I just wasn’t quite sure What?.

A couple of weeks later I attended a short seminar given at a local church. Towards the end the speaker talked about the true meaning of Redemption. He spoke casually about a Jewish man that once told him how Christians have the meaning of redemption all wrong. The word redeem actually means “to buy out” and was used specifically in reference to the purchase of a slave’s freedom. When Christ died on the cross he purchased our freedom with His blood so that we are no longer in bondage to sin. 

And then it clicked – The Road to Sold is all about handing your life over to Him and letting Him help you navigate the twists, turns, and bumps.

You have been BOUGHT – It’s up to you to decide if you are SOLD.

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Who are you?

Hey there! My name is Darcie and I was born and raised in the deep south of Alabama where I still love living today. Being the youngest offspring of two Yankee transplants – I don’t talk with a real southern twang, but you bet I can if needed.  So hang on to your britches while I tell y ’all a little bit more about me.

Most importantly, I’m a Daughter, Wife, Mom, Sister, Aunt of 19, Friend, and Proud American. I would label myself a Serial Entrepreneur since I’ve been doing side gigs since a young age. CPA, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Dance Instructor are some of the professional titles I’ve worn. Orange and blue are my favorite colors – War Eagle!


I believe Dogs really are a girl’s best friend and my days off are best spent at the beach or fishing, but don’t ask me to bait the hook. My Mom turned me into a Yard Sale Addict, Antique Lover and Thrift Store Junkie.


Oh, and I am Really Tall, like 6 foot 2 inches really 6’2.5” – but who’s counting?  And no basketball was not my thing and the weather is perfect up here!

What's your purpose? 
  1. To give all the glory to God!

  2. To reach people that are lost, feeling inadequate, alone, afraid, hurt, feeling like they don’t fit in with the typical Christian crowd….

  3. To let you know that you are never alone or unloved!

  4. Hopefully make you laugh every now and then!

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