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Jesus Rescue Me from My Mind - SOS

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Hop over to to catch up on one of my latest posts. I received article feedback from a few people that are struggling with their faith and life in general. They all said they needed to hear these words. I am blessed and honored that God uses my words as a gift to reach people who need encouragement. I hope that these words touch your soul. I want you to know that I pray for my readers and that includes you!

"I heard a story of a pastor who visited an orphanage in China. The room was full of cribs with just enough space to walk through. The babies ranged in ages from infants to toddlers who were way too big to sit in cribs all day. Immediately the pastor noticed something strange – the quiet blanketing the room. He asked one of the orphanage workers how a room full of children could be so silent. She responded with the haunting words, "for when they cried, no one came."

The babies would cry for a couple of days, but there were not enough workers to respond to their cries promptly, so they no longer communicated that they were hungry, wet, unsettled, or just wanted to be held. There was no one to answer their needs, so they cried no more.

When Jesus rescued me, I wasn't standing in a field of daisies with a backdrop of blue skies. I was in severe distress. My tears flowed heavily, splattering on the concrete floor. The liquid pools that had not yet spilled over blurred my vision. My finger traced the letters "SOS" repeatedly until my fingertip was raw. I don't think I could have fallen any lower than that moment. But I didn't stop crying out His name, and He answered."

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