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What's More Important


Being a “what’s next?” girl often gets me in trouble.

I’m one of those weirdos who actually like change. I don’t mind schedule interruptions for the most part and I enjoy a change of scenery from time to time. It leaves me with a wanting and seeking contentment is often a struggle. I’m simply not good at sitting still.

Occasionally, the wanting causes me to view other’s lives through a lens of envy, instead of a place of celebration. This view blurs the vision God has for me. I miss out, because I am too busy looking at someone else’s garden.

I love change. I love learning new things, tackling obstacles, and tasting victory in my endeavors. But I often get ahead of myself, placing too much focus on the future and what others are doing. Luckily, my love of learning has taught me to seek wisdom from the Maker of wisdom. I often pray to teach this old dog some new tricks, one being the ability to slow down and appreciate where I am right now.

And one night He gave me a three-worded question that taught this old dog to sit still.

What’s more important?

Actually, my husband was the one to ask me this question. Several years ago, I went through a time of standing still. While I sat mulling through things on the back porch, he asked me “What’s more important?”

See I was looking at someone else’s garden and doubting my recent decision to reduce my work hours to part-time. I wanted to spend more time with our toddler and financially we could do this. After a conversation with a friend who was buying a bigger house, my eye caught glimpse of a shimmery jewel. A jewel not meant for me at the time.

So he asked, “What’s more important?”

He put it in perspective for me and I chose the one with no regrets. I chose my son and I would make the same choice a million times over.

We face decisions every day. He gives us choices, I fear too many choices at times. He knows the right one for us, but He lets us decide. Ultimately most choices can be made easier by asking, “What’s more important?”

What’s more important to you?

What’s more important to you at this time?

What’s more important to you and ____?

What’s more important to God?

What’s more important God?

I put my trust in you, God.


James 1:5

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