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Depression and Faith Can Coexist - A look at Charles Spurgeon's Life

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"Faith, the size of a mustard seed, is all we need to move a mountain (Matthew 17:20). This tiny seed reminds us that Christ will still do amazing things according to his will even when our unbelief outweighs our belief. So if a believer can move a mountain with a small amount of faith, why couldn't Charles Spurgeon free himself from depression with faith the size of an entire mustard field?

Recently, a well-intentioned Christian lady who doesn't know me personally told me to "read and be free!" She was adamant that depression is never genetic and that increased faith and biblical counseling would heal my mental health disorder supernaturally. My fingers were poised to write a scathing reply, but the Holy Spirit convicted my heart to respond with grace and ask a simple question: 'Have you ever heard of Charles Spurgeon?'"

Click the link to continue reading about Spurgeon's graceful battle with depression on ibelieve.

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