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11 Prayers of Scripture for Teachers

teacher with small children at table reading

Published on on 8/12/22.

"Last Sunday, the pastor at my church asked who was ready for back-to-school. The children moaned and sighed as enthusiastic applause, hooting and hollering, and a passionate back row "Amen" erupted from the parents. We left church that morning praising God that the three-day countdown had started. We would see the yellow school buses on the roads in two more days.

Whether you are the mom sobbing uncontrollably or the mother speeding out of the carpool line, back-to-school time comes with a mixed bag of emotions for everyone. There are new routines, new aspirations and dreams, new backpacks, and fresh haircuts. Back to school is also a time that ushers in new trepidations and worries as we send our children out into the world, so to speak. And it is a time that requires new prayers to battle this anxiousness and brings encouragement and blessings to this new season. Whether you are a seasoned mom or this is your baby's first year, prayers always need to be sent up."

Keep reading by clicking here on for eleven scripture prayers to pray over your children's teachers.

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